When translated from Italian to English, the word “caro” means beloved. Express your love to your beloved with the extraordinary Caro74 diamond.

What differentiates the Caro74 round brilliant diamond from common 58 faceted diamonds is the cut; the Caro74 diamond features an additional 16 facets on the pavilion (the lower half of the diamond). The result is additional sparkle, fire and brilliance which is proven and certified by an independent GemEx laboratory light performance report.

Why choose the ordinary, when you can own the extraordinary? Experience the 74 Facets of Love with the Caro74 loose diamond, bridal, and jewelry collections.

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Verragio specializes in engagement rings and wedding bands of the highest quality and beauty, crafted to bring out the inner radiance of any diamonds. The exclusive Lumino Setting suspends the diamond, exposing all facets to light. It creates the perfect setting for any diamond. Consisting of fashion forward designs while still maintaining a classic foundation, the Verragio Collection evokes a feeling of style transcendent of time. Each Verragio style is individually hand-crafted with the attention to detail and styling synonymous with the Verragio name. Designer Barry Verragio explains: “A beautiful mounting should only enhance the beauty of a diamond in the same way a beautiful dress makes a woman even more beautiful.” This philosophy is reflected in all Verragio rings. Benolds is proud to be a Verragio premier boutique.

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What gets to be a Benold’s Signature engagement ring? First and foremost quality, workmanship, classic design, timeless appeal, and finally rings that make your heart swell with love. Benold’s carefully chooses a small, yet intriguing collection of rings that represent the best of everything we have to offer. The collection is eclectic and, at the same time, beautifully elegant. In a variety of precious metals, beautiful diamonds, and captivating designs, the Benold’s Signature Engagement Ring Collection is a one-of-a-kind experience.


Since 1999, Beverley K has been dedicated to crafting exquisite jewelry. You will be enamored with the look and feel of Beverley K’s graceful bridal designs that have a decidedly vintage look. Beverley K celebrates a perfect harmony between precious gems and precious metal. Every surface is hand-polished and hand-engraved to create a flawless vintage style. You’ll love Beverley K!

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The beauty of an A. Jaffe ring reflects the craftsmanship of the finest artisans in the jewelry industry. Since 1892, A. Jaffe bridal jewelry , designed and manufactured completely in New York, has a legacy of refinement, elegance, and tailored sophistication. With hallmarks such as the squared-off European-style shank for comfort and stability, the A. Jaffe logo imprinted on the bottom of the shank on both sides accented with their signature diamond, and  the best quality hand-set diamonds that are all perfectly matched, each A. Jaffe engagement ring is the ultimate in quality and design.

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Founded in 1903, Lazare Kaplan International has become the premier diamond cutting company in the world. Each and every Lazare Kaplan diamond is cut to ideal proportions for maximum beauty. This Ideal Cut diamond makes each Lazare Kaplan diamond “The Most Beautiful Diamond in the World.”

Ideal Cut Lazare Kaplan diamonds radiate a brilliance you can see, and there is also something brilliant that’s invisible to the naked eye. Using Lazare Kaplan’s patented laser technology, every Lazare Diamond .18ct and larger has the Lazare logo and an individual indentification number specially laser inscribed on the girdle. The logo is your proof of authenticity as an ideal cut and the unique number is your proof of ownership in the case of loss or theft.

When you buy a Lazare Diamond, you are guaranteed a superior diamond. See for yourself by asking us to show you the difference between other diamonds and the “Most Beautiful Diamond in the World.”

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Heirloom quality is often used to describe the bridal collection of the legendary Simon G. That means Old World craftsmanship, uncompromising levels of expectation, and design that infuses multi-cultural influences into wearable timeless engagement rings. Simon G specializes in vintage-feel bridal rings that reflect decades of proven beauty. Every ring is finished exquisitely both on the surface and along areas inside the ring. Immaculate detail both inside and out ensures that heirloom look will stand up to young, active wearing.

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The founder and head designer Zaven Ghanimian was raised in a household that encouraged artistry and design. He grew up aspiring to be a jewelry designer influenced by his father, internationally known Simon G. What makes Zeghani Bridal designs distinctive is its flair for fresh innovation coupled with hand made craftsmanship. All designs are in 14k gold, making them more affordable without compromising quality. Zeghani specializes in designs in 14k rose gold.

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This exciting collection allows you to purchase a designer engagement ring without sacrificing quality or style. Valina Bridals offers the look of designer engagement rings without having to pay the designer price! Added features of the Valina Bridal Collection include the use of special Euro shanks which allow the rings to have their own distinctive look while keeping them from spinning on the finger. Additionally, all engagement rings have a matching wedding band, both containing the signature diamonds. Embody your marriage vows by proudly wearing the Valina Bridal Collection!

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