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Caro74 comes from the Italian word meaning ‘beloved’, which means they understand how much love can be held in a single diamond. Their specially made 74-faceted diamond stands a cut above others and adds sparkle, fire and brilliance to any engagement ring. Why choose the ordinary when you can own the extraordinary?



Verragio is a fashion-forward jewelry line built upon a classic foundation. They understand that the diamond ring is the ultimate symbol of commitment and craft timeless pieces that transcend trends. Bring out the inner radiance of your future bride with one of their hand-crafted rings.

Know the four “C”s

Buying a diamond is typically a new experience for most people, but that doesn’t mean it should be overwhelming. When choosing your ideal diamond, we believe you should have access to all of the necessary information that is available to you. Understanding all of a diamond’s characteristics and obtaining the ability to determine which qualities are more important than others is essential to making an informed decision.

Your first step is to get acquainted with “the four Cs” of diamonds: cut, color, clarity and carat. These need to be examined closely before you can determine the fifth “C” – Cost.

Simon G.

Achieve new heights in the world of grace and beauty with an heirloom-quality Simon G. design. They specialize in vintage-feel bridal rings that are as radiant as the love you two share. Capture her heart for eternity with a ring built to last forever.


ArtCarved is made with happiness, passion and love since 1850. They believe that every unique love story deserves its own unique ring. Give your lover the ultimate expression of devotion that sparkles with joy with a one-of-a-kind ArtCarved piece.


Zaven Ghanimian, son of the internationally acclaimed jewelry designer Simon G., created Zeghani Bridal to bring fresh, innovative designs to the bridal jewelry industry. His hand-made designs, attention to detail and use of 14k gold make Zeghani bridal an affordable brand that doesn’t compromise on art or quality craftsmanship.

Valina Bridals

When there’s no words that seem to capture that feeling you have for your special someone, you need something that can communicate your message without saying anything. Valina Bridals understands how significant the perfect piece of jewelry can have on that once-in-a-lifetime moment. Their contemporary designs and artistic inspirations bring to life superiorly crafted jewelry pieces that can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Little Bird

Today's bride is unique, creative, and expressive. she's open to a destination wedding. she finds ideas for her big day on Pinterest, and dreams of a honeymoon backpacking through Europe. She wants her jewelry to speak to her, while telling her story

Lazare Kaplan

Lazare Kaplan uses science and art to create diamonds that radiate with a brilliance you can truly see. Each diamond is cut to ideal proportions that maximize the beauty of the piece and the one wearing it. When you buy a Lazare Kaplan diamond, you are guaranteed a superior diamond.

A. Jaffe

A. Jaffe began in West 47th street in New York City over a century ago and has now become an epicenter in the international jewelry world. It has a legacy of refinement, elegance and sophistication and that very legacy is reflected in every piece of jewelry that leaves their doors. Put a twinkle in your lover’s eye with a one-of-a-kind A. Jaffe piece.

Benold’s Custom

A curated collection of unique one-of-one pieces thoughtfully chosen for quality craftsmanship and superior design. Or, you can work with an expert on our team to design the custom ring of your dreams.

Uneek Custom

Uneek Fine Jewelry understands this need, which is why we are pleased to offer an improved, more convenient custom jewelry design service: Uneek CUSTOM-Tailored. For almost two decades, Uneek Fine Jewelry has served jewelry retailers across the United States with custom jewelry services, and after honing our craft and listening to our customers over the last 15 years, we have decided to take this service to a whole new level!

Pricing & Financing

No one should ever have to settle for the second choice. At Benold’s, we want you to feel like the queen you are, no matter what the cost is. Our experts are here to fit you with the perfect piece that caters to any budget along with having the option of paying it off at your own pace.

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