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Bridal Designers

Your special day deserves a special ring that fits your unique tastes. That is why we’ve selected some of the very best designers from around the world, each with their own defining bridal style. So, no matter if your wedding is more traditional or unconventional, you are sure to find a ring that is uniquely you.

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Pricing & Financing

No one should ever have to settle for the second choice. At Benold’s, we want you to feel like the queen you are, no matter what the cost is. Our experts are here to fit you with the perfect piece that caters to any budget along with having the option of paying it off at your own pace.

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“Milton brought out samples of each cut of diamond so that I could in fact see that such a decision is important.”


“I walk through the door, Hallie and Maria greet me, and Hallie totally remembered me, right down to my name!”


“Maria is amazing! They go above and beyond at this place plus their jewelry is stunning and reasonably priced.”

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