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Suzy Landa

New York, NY. USA

“Paying homage to the minimalist design and bold colors of my 1960’s-70’s youth, my collection reflects a love of mid-century design, art, and architecture: Symmetric but soft shapes, clean lines, subtle details; statement pieces without the “fuss.” I create jewelry that marries an old-world air with a modern flair. An admitted, committed colored stone junkie, I fall in love with a gem and work backward to create something that makes the centerpiece appear as though it was born there. Reliance on warm gold alloys and a satin finish in order to highlight the gems rather than the metal allow those stones to take center stage. In many cases, the resulting pieces are one-of-a-kind.” – Suzy Landa


Doves by Doron Paloma

Every creation from Doves begins with a pencil and a sketch board. Beautifully crafted and completely one-of-a-kind, Doron Hakimian combines 18k gold, diamonds, and precious gemstones to create unique treasures. Discover heirloom-quality jewelry that has garnered the attention of celebrities like Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.


Lauren K Fine Jewelry

The Lauren K collection can be described as ‘bohemian chic’ with its vibrant colors and bold gems. Pieces designed by Lauren K is made from carefully selected gemstones and crafted with 18k gold. Anything you pick from this line will easily become the star of your next outfit.


Alex Sepkus

Exclusive to Benold’s in the Austin area, Alex’s pieces are like big, magnificent mosaics, yet the components comprise detailing so small he and his workforce require microscopes to execute it. His work has an irresistible playfulness and the highest standard of quality.


Jewelry created by Alwand ‘Sacha’ Vahan tell unique stories through an intricate combination of 14k gold, diamonds, and semi-precious stones. Known for their recognizable gold crown petals and textured bracelets, you will always find style, quality and comfort is at the heart of every piece. Stand out from the crowd with a dramatic signature Vahan statement piece.

Just Jules

This playful twist to fine jewelry is unique and refreshing and features pieces from everyday casual and whimsical to extraordinary and lavish. It is perfectly suited for women who love to play dress up, are savvy, sophisticated, and free spirited. Women who value the quality that Julie honors when creating her jewels understand that what they are wearing is more than just an accessory, but truly a lovely piece of art.

Simon G.

If there is one thing Simon G. has learned in his years in jewelry making, it’s that jewelry is an extension of a woman’s personality and style. Every piece from this line has been designed and created with the utmost care to enhance the beauty of the wearer. Bring some sparkle and luxury to your personal collection with Simon G.

Uneek Jewelry

Uneek Jewelry combines the boldness of contemporary American style with the centuries-old approach to metalsmithing and stone-setting. Their commitment to quality craftsmanship has resulted in luxurious, one-of-a-kind diamond collections. Your latest statement piece will be a true work of art when you choose Uneek Jewelry.

Spark Creations

Spark Creations has been a leader in luxury for over 35 years and is consistently at the forefront of fashion trends with their elegant, one-of-a-kind designs. By using the very best diamonds, rare gemstones, and precious stones available, Spark Creations ensures that every piece they create will make your style shine.

Nina Nguyen

Drawing inspiration from Nina's Vietnamese heritage and travels through India, her signature design element is high-quality, rose-cut gemstones, offering everything from neutral moonstones and labradorite, to carnelian and lapis for color addicts. Everything in Nina’s collection is meant to be stacked, layered and converted int an array of looks.


The hand-crafted feel and the finest craftsmanship create a striking, versatile and extremely wearable collection. The collection is influenced by Kir’s passions for exotic cultures, music and nature. Together, these influences evoke an element of playfulness, adventure and empowerment for those who wear it.

UNO de 50

Born in Spain, Uno de 50 was created to break away from traditional jewelry design. Inspired by nature and everyday objects, every handcrafted piece is made as if it were one-of-a-kind. The creative use of leather, precious metals and gemstones in each design can make any woman stand out from the crowd. Stray away from the normal and into something remarkably different with Uno de 50.

Les Georgettes

Any woman can become their own favorite designer with the innovative mix-and-match pieces of Les Georgettes. Customize any ring or bracelet with the finest in jewelry and leather craftsmanship to have your piece match your mood or outfit, any day of the week. Discover endless possibilities with Les Georgettes’ unique and vibrant designs.

Pricing & Financing

No one should ever have to settle for the second choice. At Benold’s, we want you to feel like the queen you are, no matter what the cost is. Our experts are here to fit you with the perfect piece that caters to any budget along with having the option of paying it off at your own pace.

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